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Group Experiences

*Due to COVID-19, some fan experiences may not be available at this time. If you are interested in a group experience, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and a representative from our Front Office will provide you with more information.

Fistful of Bourbon Chill Zone
Hear the excitement from the crowd, the hard checks into the boards, and the puck clank off the iron as you sit closest to the ice in our hospitality area. The Chill Zone offers the best space to feel the excitement of Stingrays hockey!

Package Cost: For more information, call 843-744-2248

Pregame Hockey
Get on the North Charleston Coliseum ice and play before the Stingrays do!

Package Cost: ($1,500) 100 balcony level tickets for $15 each
Seating location: Balcony

National Anthem
Sing our National Anthem at a Stingrays game! We have opportunities for groups of all sizes to showcase their talents in front of thousands of people and be part of the pre-game excitement!

Seating Location: Balcony

On-Ice Performance
Dance groups, cheer squads, karate clubs and other performance groups have the chance to showcase their talents on center ice in front of thousands of Stingrays fans! The routine must not be longer than 2 minutes.

Concourse Performance
Showcase your talents at a Stingrays game inside either the Montague or Coliseum Terrace!

Post Game Picture On The Ice
Have your group come down after the game onto the ice for a picture!


This up close and personal experience allows you and your group to sit on the Stingrays' bench during pre-game warmups. Sit just feet away from the Stingrays players as they take the ice and get ready for the big game! Presented by Home Telecom.

Package Cost: ($540) 30 end level tickets for $18 each
Seating Location: End

Fan Tunnel
The ultimate, up close experience to cheer on the Stingrays. This opportunity allows 20 fans to high five the Stingrays players in the locker room tunnel before they take the ice!

Package Cost: ($375) 25 balcony level tickets for $15 each
Seating location: Balcony

VIP Slapshot
The ultimate VIP experience! Sit in the premium section of the North Charleston Coliseum during the game. Afterward, you'll take a group photo on the ice and each person will take a slap shot from the blue line!

Package Cost: ($450) 30 balcony level tickets for $15 each
Seating location: Balcony

North Club Room
Host your meeting prior to a Stingrays game in the North Club Room! Catering is available.

Color Guard
Present our nation's colors during the national anthem before one of our games.

Learn what Group Experiences your outing is eligible for and book today!

For tickets or more information call 843-744-2248, email or fill out the form below!