Gift Card Collection For Troops

Dec 13, 2015

In the month of December, the South Carolina Stingrays will be collecting gift cards for the troops, leading up our USO Holdover Troops Game on Sunday, December 27. Stingrays fans are asked to donate a gift card that will be given to a member of the USO Holdover Troops on December 27, and for their gratitude, all who donate will receive a ticket to the Stingrays February 16 game.

The Stingrays take pride in playing a large part of the Lowcountry community, and we want to spread holiday cheer to the brave men and women who defend our country. Fans are asked to bring a gift card to any upcoming Stingrays home game, or to the Stingrays Office during the month of December. Gift cards for online shopping like Amazon or iTunes are some of the best bets, with Holdover Troops deployed to all parts of the country. Major department stores or restaurants are also good options. The Stingrays suggest a gift card minimum of $20, if possible. 

The gift cards will be collected then given to members of the USO Holdover Troops at the December 27 game. As a thank you for helping spread holiday cheer, any fan that brings a gift card will receive a ticket to the Stingrays February 16 game. 

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